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Chuck Torelli for Kennewick City Council

Chuck Torelli

Kennewick City Council • Position 5

“This is the city I love and call home — Kennewick. It has a diverse history and heritage including strong local economy and a variety of resources. It already has so much to offer and we need to prepare for the future. I’m hoping to expand the services that make a difference to our residents, as well as make Kennewick a destination for years to come.

Chuck Torelli for Kennewick City Council

The Leadership Our City Needs

I understand the infrastructure needs of Kennewick because of my participation in the various boards and committee assignments. I am a former member of the Kennewick City Planning Commission for 2 years, as well as the City Appointee to the Visit Tri-Cities Board, the Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities District, and Benton-Franklin Council of Governments. On top of the various boards, the committees I’m on include the Infrastructure and Operations Committee and the Planning and Economic Development Committee.

A Vision For The Future

My vision of Kennewick is one of expanding the wonderful engagement we see in our community. The future promises to be just as exciting. There is the VISTA Field project, the continued expansion of Columbia Gardens, as well as the possible reconveyance of the shoreline. Kennewick is more than a place to live; it a community to call home.


Actionable Issues

The City of Kennewick is facing some major issues in the upcoming years. The emphasis of the City Council is going to determine how successful the city will be.


City Infrastructure

Web Services, Facilities, Equipment, etc. are aging and need to be modernized to allow the city staff to perform their jobs in support of Kennewick residents.

Public Safety

Without Fire and Police services, the issue of infrastructure becomes moot. The recent addition of 12 Fire Fighter positions through SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response) grant funding and the addition of School Resource Officers to all our middle schools demonstrate the importance placed on the safety of our residents.

Funding Sources

Current mainstays for the city budget are residential development and retail sales. If either one of these slow significantly the City will be unable to sustain its’ current level of services. Expansion of the industrial base should be a priority, as well as the continuing effort to expand south of I-82.


Vista Field is an excellent example of enhancing livability within Kennewick. It promotes the varied lifestyles of all age segments of society. It is the type of growth that can keep the younger generation local while also attracting Baby Boomers.


The current relationships with our neighboring cities, counties, port districts and agencies should be strengthened. We all have skin in the game and the healthier our neighbors are, the healthier we can be as a city.

Civic Engagement

Participation in Kennewick’s governance is essential for a strong community. Providing mentorship and opportunity for engagement is a key responsibility that can encourage growth of tomorrow’s leaders. 

Aging Workforce

Many in Kennewick’s current workforce are getting close to retirement age. The city will lose the knowledge, expertise, and guidance that is currently being provided to newer staff members. Priority needs to be maintained on cross training and succession planning.

Policies NOT Politics

About Chuck

Chuck has called the City of Kennewick home since 1985. He is, as of 2011, a retired Hanford employee. His last assignment was as a D&D Superintendent in the Plutonium Finishing Plant.

He’s held a variety of positions including Shift Manager, Plant Engineer, Planner/Scheduler, Scheduling Manager, Operations Manager, as well as D&D Superintendent. He has an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree from Yakima Valley Community College.

For the past three years Chuck has been attending City Council Meetings. He was extremely impressed by the professionalism of both Council and Staff. To Chuck, this was governance at it’s best.

Chuck met his wife, Beverly, back in 1998 and after six years of courtship, they married in 2004. She is a retired Kennewick School District administrator. They have four grown children and ten grandchildren.

Chuck spent four years in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam war aboard the USS J.P. Jones. One of Chuck’s sons is currently serving his third tour in the U.S. Air Force and is stationed in Germany. His oldest grandson is also in the Air Force and is stationed in Louisiana.


The buck stops with Chuck


Chuck was appointed to the City Council in 2019 after Councilman Matt Boehnke was elected to the Washington State Legislature. He is currently on the board of the Badger Club, the League of Women Voters Benton-Franklin Counties, and is a member of the East Benton County Museum and Historical Society.

Chuck previously volunteered for SHAKE, an organization that provides school supplies for students and served as a board member.

Policies, Not Politics – Mrs. Steve Young

Chuck Torelli has shown himself to a man of honor and worthy of respect. He is dedicated to policies, not politics, that promote a vibrant future for the city of Kennewick. His passion for managed...

Support Torelli for City Council – Christy Watts

Chuck Torelli is a believer in policies, not politics. His approach to city governance is one of due diligence. He takes time to study the issues and actively seeks out expertise. When appointed to...

Paul Parish – Kennewick City Council Position 6

For the past three years Chuck has demonstrated the commitment and dedication needed to ensure Kennewick’s leadership position. He studies the issues and listens to all sides. He has demonstrated...

Kennewick Firefighters Union, IAFF Local 1296 – Recommendation

Your Kennewick Firefighters are happy to endorse Chuck Torelli for Kennewick City Council Position 5! Mr. Torelli is currently sitting on council as an appointed position until this upcoming...

WEA PAC Board of WEA Southeast – Recommendation

July 19, 2019 Dear Candidate, On behalf of the members of the WEA PAC Board of WEA Southeast, we'd like to congratulate you on receiving our recommendation for endorsement. We are proud to recommend...

Ed Frost — Kennewick Citizen

Chuck Torelli is a fine Councilman and will be even better as he gains experience. Though he has only served since January 2019 as an appointed Councilman, Chuck earned his appointment by hard work....

Jan Fraley — Former President of the Kennewick Educators Association

Integrity.  Ethics.  Listener.  Approachable.  Sense of Humor.  Intelligent.  Open-minded.  Equality.  Citizenship.  Humility. These characteristics make Chuck a superb candidate for Kennewick City...

Chuck’s Endorsements

  • Kennewick Police Officers Benefit Association
  • Plumber and Steamfitters UA Local 598
  • Tri-Cities Association of Realtors
  • Victor Cruz – former Chief Steward Local 12-369 United Steelworkers
  • Mary Shaw – former President – Kennewick Education Association
  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local #280
  • Leo Perales – Benton County Planning Commissioner
  • Lyle Kuhn – Kennewick School District Building Administrator (Retired)
  • Linda Kuhn – Kennewick School District Staff (Retired)
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 112
  • Laborer’s Local 348

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