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Chuck Torelli is a believer in policies, not politics. His approach to city governance is one of due diligence. He takes time to study the issues and actively seeks out expertise.

When appointed to City Council, he made it a priority to spend time walking through each of the city departments.

He believes in collaboration and the positive results that it can have for Kennewick. While on the planning commission and now as a council member, he strongly supports Vista Field, Columbia Gardens and revitalization of downtown Kennewick.

While campaigning, Chuck sticks to the issues at hand. He knows that Kennewick is a great place to live and is capable of even more in the future. He knows that we can’t ignore the issues of homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse.

However, the existence of these issues mustn’t define us. Instead, Kennewick is defined by the partnerships that resulted in the Boys and Girls Club being built and paid for in record time, as well as the Community Cares program that allows police officers to provide immediate help to those in need.

Chuck is optimistic about the future of Kennewick. With our vote, he can continue to support policies, not politics.

 Christy Watts, Kennewick